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Certified Leadership & Life Coach; Head Coach and Consultant; Founder/ CEO

Hi! I’m JaVaughna

The woman who makes change happen!

Thank you for considering A Leading Way for your personal and leadership development needs.  Let me tell you a little about what we do...

A Leading Way is a leadership development company with a focus on leadership and life skills enhancement. We serve individuals and organizations through coaching and consulting services.

Our primary goal is to help emerging women entrepreneurs and ambitious working women, scaling the corporate ladder, uncover their true desires and capabilities in order to reach their highest potential and become outstanding leaders in their industry.

On an organizational level, our goal is to help businesses identify revenue affecting weaknesses in their leadership and provide solutions that will improve productivity, profitability and sustainability.

At A Leading Way, we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently meet our core values:

  • Being passionate about building positive relationships through people-centered leadership.
  • Being dedicated to providing each client with the knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm to create personal and professional environments permeated with positivity, inspiration and respect.
  • Being committed to enhancing the interpersonal and communication skills of each client so they prevail in their extraordinary position of leadership.

Our mission is to improve the leadership capacity of organizations and support working women, especially mothers, on their journey to success, happiness and fulfillment.

More About Me...


Operate in Your Success Zone!!!

I show my clients how to improve employee/customer satisfaction, reduce employee burnout, create the blueprint for success and build strong, inclusive cultures that encourage creativity and support the ideas of others.

I provide the knowledge organizations need to build their leadership capacity, and there’s MORE…

****I coach ambitious business women on developing the leadership skills and mindset needed to consciously influence their thoughts and behavior in order to achieve their goals.

Through coaching they are able to:

  • Amplify their value
  • Strengthen their position &
  • Confidently use their voice to pursue and secure opportunities that highlight their skills and accentuate their ability to succeed.

Are you ready to operate in your success zone?